The ongoing pandemic showed many people the importance of customizing a space to their preferences—and that doesn’t stop at just home offices.

Perhaps you are interested in making some changes to your bathroom. Depending on the type of changes you want to make, you’ll need to decide between bathroom remodels and bathroom renovations.

If you’re looking to make small changes and just spruce up your bathroom, a bathroom remodel project may be perfect.

However, if you are interested in making bigger changes, such as tearing down walls or moving the plumbing, you’re probably looking at a total renovation.

A professional designer can help you understand the differences between simple bathroom remodels and renovations, explain design trends and help your ideas come to life.

Learn more about bathroom remodels, renovations, high-quality products, and where to find professional designers.

What is a bathroom remodel?

A bathroom remodel is a project that focuses on making cosmetic and functional improvements to an existing bathroom.

It usually involves updating the fixtures, flooring, walls, and lighting to modernize the look and improve the functionality of the space.

A bathroom remodel can range from a simple update of a few fixtures and a coat of paint to a complete overhaul of the room.

The typical bathroom remodel project may include:

  • Replacing the bathtub or shower
  • Installing new tiles and flooring
  • Upgrading the vanity or sink
  • Replacing the toilet
  • Adding new lighting fixtures

A remodel can also include adding new features such as a walk-in shower, a bathtub with jets, or a double sink.

The goal of a bathroom remodel is to improve the overall look and feel of the space, increase its functionality, and add value to the home.

Over time, trends change, so another popular project for your bathroom remodel is to change the design or theme.

Whether it’s a simple update or an involved renovation, a bathroom remodel can make a significant difference in the overall feel and value of the home.

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What is a bathroom renovation?

A bathroom renovation is a more extensive project than a bathroom remodel and typically involves more structural changes to the bathroom.

A renovation may involve tearing down walls, changing the layout, and upgrading the plumbing and electrical systems.

The goal of a bathroom renovation is to create a new and improved space that better suits the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

A renovation can be a significant investment and may require the services of an experienced contractor or designer.

A typical bathroom renovation project may involve:

  • Expanding the bathroom’s size by taking space from an adjoining room or closet
  • Changing the layout to accommodate a new feature such as a separate shower or bathtub
  • Installing new plumbing and electrical systems
  • Replacing the flooring
  • Installing new fixtures such as a new vanity, sink, or toilet

Renovations can also involve adding features such as heated floors, a steam shower, or a soaking tub.

A bathroom renovation can significantly increase the value of a home and create a more enjoyable and functional space for homeowners.

What are the main differences between a bathroom remodel and a renovation?

The main difference between a bathroom remodel and a renovation is the scope of the project and the level of changes made to the bathroom—and sometimes the budget.

A bathroom remodel typically involves making cosmetic changes to the existing bathroom. The goal of a remodel is to improve the appearance and functionality of the bathroom without significantly altering the existing layout or structure.

On the other hand, a bathroom renovation involves more extensive changes to the bathroom. A renovation is typically more complex and time-consuming than a remodel, and you will likely need professionals to help with the project.

The differences between a bathroom remodel and renovation can also be seen in the level of investment required.

Remodels are generally less expensive than renovations because they involve fewer structural changes and less time.

Renovations require a more significant investment due to the more extensive changes and time involved.

Ultimately, the choice between a remodel or renovation depends on the homeowner’s goals, budget, and the current state of their bathroom.

A remodel may be a good option for those who want to make minor updates, while a renovation is best for those who want to completely transform their bathroom, and whether they plan to sell the home or not.

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