Custom Bar and Office Design in New Jersey

Custom Cabinetry for Your Custom Bar and Office Needs

Uniq Concepts has the ability to create custom bar and office designs that coordinate with the look of your entire home.


Your home office space should be a reflection of your skillset or profession. And if it isn’t saying “I’m committed”, your clients may feel the same. Zobal, Miele appliances, and ernestrust cabinets are simple yet popular choices that can help your office space take on a modern, professional and elegant look that will impress your clients and employees alike.

Modern Office Design in New Jersey at Uniq Concepts


You love to entertain, but you don’t feel your current space is up to par. But you don’t just want a cookie-cutter design. That’s why at Uniq Concepts, we take the time in learning more about YOU before focusing on a custom bar space. Our Zobal and Miele line of products can add to the overall experience and mood in your home or office.

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Custom Bar and Office Space in New Jersey at Uniq Concepts