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  • What Are the Benefits to Architects of Using a Kitchen Designer?
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Kitchens are one of the most essential rooms in a home. 

When gathering with your family or friends for a delicious meal or entertainment, you want your kitchen to feel cozy, inviting, and clean.

The best way to achieve a functional, clutter-free, and comfortable atmosphere is to modernize it.

Modern kitchens are trending because of their easy-clean surfaces, aesthetics, and comfort.

If you are interested in giving your kitchen a fresh new look, a kitchen design expert can help.

What are the Key Elements of a Modern Kitchen?

Modern kitchens will typically use a neutral color palette, with just splashes of color. You will also find sleek horizontal lines, natural materials, and integrated appliances.


Simple, and elegant lines and designs are a telltale that a kitchen is modern. These give the kitchen a clean, smooth look. With sleek modern cabinets, countertops, and stainless steel appliances, your kitchen will have a relaxing feel.

Strong horizontal lines

Today, all modern kitchens use horizontal lines. Their simplicity enhances the room by making the kitchen look more open and spacious. You can achieve this look by keeping your kitchens layout, flooring, and backsplashes linear.

Natural and industrial materials

Wood, man-made stone, glass, and metal are used in modern kitchens. These materials help the room achieve its simple, sleek, and confident look. The natural beauty of wood grain can add warmth to a kitchen.


Angles, curves, squares, and triangles are standard designs used in a modern kitchen. While you may want to strive for uniformity, breaking it up with a pop of color will make the kitchen look less dull.

Minimalist color schemes

Neutral colors are most commonly used in kitchens. Whites, blacks, greys, greens and blues. Brighter colors are generally only used for accenting.


Modern kitchen cabinets are flat, sleek, and streamlined. To open up the kitchen and offer more space, you can use ceiling-high cabinets and ones that avoid excessive details. 

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What are the Latest Modern Kitchen Design Ideas?

While the key elements of a modern kitchen are likely to stick around for quite some time, innovations and trends are seen each year.

Below are some of the top modern kitchen trends and features of the year:

  • Green kitchens
  • Increased storage space and storage systems
  • Built-in bars
  • Double islands
  • Glossy tiled kitchen backsplash
  • Layered lighting
  • Wood finishes
  • Walnut cabinetry
  • Floating shelves
  • Marble
  • Quartz countertops
  • Appliances in drawers
  • Arches and organic shapes

What Are the Benefits to Architects of Using a Kitchen Designer?

When you plan to remodel your kitchen, it can become overwhelming and expensive quickly.

It can be beneficial to hire both an architect and kitchen designer, as they can work together to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams while sticking to your budget.

While an architect can help make your kitchen functional and safe, they may not be as knowledgeable as a designer regarding decorating or aesthetics.

When an architect has a kitchen designer by their side, they can concentrate on structure and space planning while your kitchen designer focuses on furnishings and decorating.

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