lauriermax european cabinets

Uniq Concepts has been dedicated to offering its customers the very best in European design when it comes to their kitchen, bathroom, closets, bar, and office spaces. We fulfill this commitment by working with manufacturing companies that are striving for the same goal. They share our philosophies concerning the importance of providing customers with quality European cabinetry that is unique to their style and needs. One brand that we are proud to work with is Lauriermax and the high quality of Lauriermax European cabinetry.

History of Lauriermax

download 1Lauriermax Inc. is a combination of two very successful companies, Cuisines Laurier Inc. and Cuisimax, also known as Cuisines MRS. Cuisines MRS was founded in Quebec in 1967. This company quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen cabinetry in both the Canadian and U.S. market. Cuisines Laurier started as a small workshop that sold their cabinetry in their local market. It wasn’t long before this company rose in popularity and was able to compete with some of the biggest names in professional cabinetry.

Lauriermax is proud to attribute its expertise to hundreds of years of tradition and mixed influences. Quebec has long been a melting pot of British, French, and American influences. Lauriermax has learned to pick out the best aspects of different influences to create cabinetry that is unique and long-lasting.

The Lauriermax Company Today

Lauriermax is known as one of the finest custom cabinetry manufacturers today. This is largely due to their commitment to providing the best products for designers like Uniq Concepts. Designers can then provide exceptional custom cabinetry to their customers. Whether a customer is looking for complimentary cabinetry for modern kitchens or contemporary custom kitchens, Lauriermax has created several unique pieces that will fit the look of any kitchen. Uniq Concepts also utilizes its products to enhance the look of any bathroom, whether seeking a modern bathroom design, or a contemporary bathroom with a custom design.  Lauriermax manufactures inset, framed, and frameless designs. These can be adapted to any look with customization options in styles, materials, woods, colors, and finishes.

The Lauriermax Mission

Uniq Concepts is proud to work with companies that share a similar mission. Lauriermax has long demonstrated its commitment to providing custom, quality cabinetry so that designers can help customers achieve the vision they have for their homes. Lauriermax believes in the importance of conducting business with integrity, going the extra mile, and always demonstrating the highest level of professionalism. Uniq Concepts shares these same principles when working with customers to select their cabinetry and furniture needs. We believe in providing our customers with the very best options to fit their needs, style, and budget.   Lauriermax has perfected combining the science needed to understand the manufacturing business and the art of creating custom products with the highest quality.

Discover the Quality of Lauriemax European Cabinetry for Yourself

When you visit us at Uniq Concepts, our goal is to help you create the perfect kitchen, bathroom, or office space. We would love to show you the craftsmanship you can expect with Lauriermax furniture and cabinetry. We are proud to offer our customers the best in quality, custom design.

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