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The Galley, a US-based company emphasizing European design, is changing the way the world thinks about kitchen design, one piece at a time. Galley’s designs exist at an intersection of simple elegance and peerless functionality. When implemented with a tasteful eye can elevate a meal prep space from a mere room to a piece of living art. The company is defined by CEO R. Scott Anderson through the values of “stylish design, handcrafted workmanship [and] unsurpassed functionality” and its products consistently live up to that mission.

Functional Solutions for Modern Kitchens

The Galley Logo grayThe Galley, like many successful businesses, began with a need for a single, transformative product. An award-winning kitchen designer created the very first iconic Galley WorkStation for use in his own home, and an iconic brand was born.

Some of The Galley’s most popular products to come to market since include:

  • Galley WorkStation – transcending the idea of an island or butcher’s block, the Galley WorkStation is a modular countertop system that incorporates multiple sinks and taps, cutting boards, strainers, drying racks, and more across multiple tiers, and can be endlessly reconfigured for nearly any culinary purpose imaginable. A Galley WorkStation gives you the power and functionality of a restaurant kitchen with timeless looks suitable for the most elegant of homes.
  • Galley WashStation – a special configuration of WorkStation that focuses on the availability of sinks and taps. Different WorkStation setups can be combined and customized to meet your space’s exact needs.
  • The Galley Tap – stainless steel, ergonomically designed kitchen sink system specially designed for use with the Galley WorkStation and WashStation line of products. A high arching spout lends elegant, curved lines to your modern kitchen design while allowing you to fill tall pots.
  • Galley Dresser – a high-end piece of European cabinetry unsurpassed in functionality and quality. Pairing a Galley WorkStation with a Galley Dresser unit elevates a highly functional workspace to something with artistic value.

Uniq Concepts and The Galley: The Perfect Pairing to Elevate Modern Kitchens

Uniq Concepts is a New Jersey-based design firm that leverages decades of design and construction experience, European design philosophy, dedication to quality, a deep appreciation for function and usability, and partnerships with the most reputable brands and builders. All of these factors come together to create kitchens and bathrooms that exist on the cutting edge of modernity, while also being elegant in a timeless way that will endure for generations along with the quality hardware and materials.

By centering a modern kitchen redesign around a custom WorkStation from The Galley and streamlined European cabinetry, the team at Uniq Concepts is able to create a kitchen that not only perfectly fits your space and your needs but is unsurpassed in both beauty and functionality. The Galley’s innovative products and Uniq Concepts’s bold vision come together to create streamlined, efficient designs that never sacrifice aesthetic for function, nor vice versa.

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