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  • Benefits of custom kitchens
  • What should be included in Fairfield custom kitchens?
  • Why are custom cabinets an essential part of your custom kitchen?

When looking to increase the value of your home or make your home more aesthetically pleasing, a kitchen remodel is an excellent investment.

One of the best perks of planning a kitchen remodel is customizing it to fit your lifestyle and personality.

With custom kitchen cabinets, built-in storage features, and high-quality materials, a kitchen designer can help you make your kitchen look trendy, modern, and comfortable.

Uniq Concepts can set you up with modern solutions and European designs when using products made by Zobal, such as their elegant wall or shelving systems.

Learn more about custom kitchens, what to include in a custom kitchen, why custom cabinets should be an essential part of your custom kitchen, and how Uniq concepts can help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Benefits of Custom Kitchens

When you want to create a timeless kitchen that will last, you’ll need to work with a professional kitchen designer who uses high-quality products and materials.

Stock products and cabinets are not created to last, as they’re often made with plywood and cheap hardware, are not innovative and do not fit in unique spaces.

Master craftsmen build custom cabinets with the best materials available.

If your kitchen layout is unique, or your kitchen is on the smaller side and you don’t have enough storage space, a custom kitchen can solve those issues.

You can design your custom kitchen to your and your family’s needs. Is someone in your home exceptionally tall or short or in a wheelchair? If so, you can tailor your kitchen to meet these special needs.

You can even choose the materials, type of wood, and product finish if you like. You and your designer can work directly with craftsmen to ensure that your storage needs, lifestyle, and taste are considered when customizing your kitchen.

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What Should Be Included in a Fairfield Custom Kitchen?

The options are endless when it comes to customizing your kitchen which is why it really comes down to your personality, and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Pet-friendly features

For homeowners with pets, you may want to consider built-in storage solutions for pet food and dishes. Why not keep the bowls off the floor and your kitchen uncluttered?

Wine units

If you enjoy entertaining, you may be interested in including a built-in wine refrigerator, like those made by Miele.

Built-in appliances

Miele also makes some of the best built-in fridges, ovens, dishwashers, and coffee machines. Built-in appliances can give your kitchen a smooth, integrated look.

Island cooktops

These can be a great choice for your kitchen if you need more storage space near your cooking station and a bigger work area for cooking and baking.

Deep drawers

Most cabinets are not created to store pots and pans effectively. With deep drawers, these can fit no problem, and even be organized efficiently.

A lazy susan

These are great because they fit in corners and spaces that typically go unnoticed and get wasted.


Kitchens should include ambient light that fills the room. You can mix warm and white lights to achieve that ambiance.

Under-cabinet lights are decorative but also helpful in saving you money. Rather than turning on the lights in the whole room you can just light up your workspace.

Enclosed trash and recycling

Everyone needs a trash can, as unattractive as they are. But, no matter where you store your can, there is no way to keep it out of sight unless it is enclosed.

Why are custom cabinets an essential part of your custom kitchen?

When you decide to remodel your kitchen it only makes sense that you would want custom cabinets. Who wouldn’t want to create a kitchen that matches their personality and lifestyle?

A remodel is already pricey, so you’ll want to choose cabinets that will last and not fall apart a couple of years down the road.

Cabinets play a significant role in the look of your kitchen. Even if you update everything else, old or stock cabinets can ruin the look you are trying to achieve.

You’ll want your kitchen to look trendy, beautiful, modern, and comfortable for years to come. Custom cabinets can ensure that your dream kitchen will maintain its appeal until your taste changes.

Custom cabinets can also be made to match your appliances—stock cabinets are not. When you customize your kitchen you will want everything to match and be made of high-quality materials.

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Custom kitchens made just for you

At Uniq Concepts, we partner with only the best builders and brands. Some of our favorite products to use are made by ernestrust, The Galley, Bauformat, Miele, LaurierMax, and Zobal.

We enjoy creating our customer’s dream kitchens by using custom cabinets and modern, contemporary, and European-styled designs.

We will listen to your needs, help you create a list of what is most important to you in a kitchen, support your vision, and help you stay within your budget.

View our showroom, or come visit us in Fairfield, New Jersey. Contact us to learn more about our designers, products, and custom kitchens. We are here for you when you are ready to renovate or remodel your kitchen.