Planning a bathroom remodel can be an exciting yet challenging task.

Whether you’re aiming to update the style, improve functionality, or increase the value of your home—a well-structured checklist is essential.

Updating your bathroom can elevate your home’s style and create a rejuvenating oasis, especially when you choose a modern, contemporary, or European-styled aesthetic.

Uniq Concepts will guide you through the key steps to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodel and help you create a space that reflects your style and meets your needs.

In this article, we’ll provide:

  • Your bathroom remodel checklist – an essential guide
  • Our top bathroom remodel considerations for homeowners
  • Why you should choose Uniq Concepts to help you design the bathroom of your dreams.
where can i find a bathroom remodel checklist

Bathroom remodel checklist

Use this comprehensive checklist to guide you through the bathroom remodel process.

Set your goals

Identify what aspects of your bathroom need improvement and what you hope to achieve with the remodel.

It could be anything from enhancing aesthetics and increasing storage space to improving energy efficiency and creating a spa-like ambiance.

Determine your budget

Research the costs of materials, labor, and additional expenses, and allocate your budget accordingly. Get quotes from multiple contractors and price out large items that you know you want to replace.

Setting aside a contingency fund to cover surprises that may arise during the renovation is also wise. There are almost always unexpected expenses.

Gather your inspiration

Browse through home improvement magazines, websites, and social media platforms to gather inspiration for your bathroom remodel.

Save images and make notes on the design elements you like. This will help you communicate your vision effectively to contractors and designers.

Create a timeline

Determine the start and end dates, and consider any specific deadlines you may have, such as hosting guests or special occasions.

Be mindful that unexpected delays can occur, so allow flexibility in your schedule. Contractors will also have their own schedule that you’ll need to work around so make sure to communicate effectively.

Hire professionals

Decide whether you will handle the remodel yourself or hire professionals.

For complex projects, it’s often best to enlist the expertise of contractors, plumbers, electricians, and designers. Basically, anything more than painting should probably be handled by a professional.

Check references and ensure contractors are licensed and insured before hiring them.

Obtain necessary permits

Check with your local authorities to determine whether you need permits for your bathroom remodel. Permits may be required for plumbing, electrical work, or structural modifications.

It’s crucial to comply with building codes and regulations to avoid any legal issues down the line. Your contractor should be familiar with what’s necessary but don’t just rely on them to keep you out of trouble.

Communicate and monitor progress

Maintain open communication with your contractors throughout the project. Regularly check in on the progress and address any concerns or changes promptly.

Clear and consistent communication ensures that the remodel stays aligned with your vision.

the best bathroom remodel checklist for homeowners

Top 10 bathroom considerations

Now that you have set your goals, determined your budget, and know what to expect during your bathroom remodel, don’t forget to consider the following.


Evaluate the current layout and dimensions of your bathroom. Consider whether you want to make structural changes, such as expanding or rearranging the space.

 Keep in mind that knocking down or putting up new walls will likely add cost and definitely time. Ask your contractor what they recommend to work with the space that you have.

Measure the room accurately to ensure that any fixtures, furniture, or accessories you choose will fit perfectly.


Determine if any changes to the plumbing layout are necessary. This could include relocating fixtures, moving the toilet, adding new fixtures, or adjusting pipe positions.

Consider your desired upgrades or additions, such as a new shower, bathtub, or additional sinks, and evaluate how they will impact the plumbing system.


Assess the current electrical system in your bathroom, including outlets, switches, and lighting fixtures. This is where some additional style touches can be incorporated.

Decide on the type, placement, and design of lighting fixtures in your bathroom. Consider a combination of general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting to create a well-lit and visually appealing space.

Determine if the existing system can handle the additional electrical load required for your remodel or if upgrades are necessary.


Decide on the type of toilet that suits your needs and preferences.

Common options include one-piece, two-piece, wall-mounted, and compact toilets for small spaces. Consider factors such as comfort, ease of cleaning, water efficiency, and compatibility with your bathroom’s design.

Custom cabinets & vanities

Evaluate your storage requirements in the bathroom. Consider the number of towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other items you need to store.

Determine if you need additional storage space or if your existing cabinets and vanities are sufficient.

Uniq Concepts uses high-quality products for their custom cabinetry by reputable brands like ernestrust, which features customized cabinets with a European style, and Zobal, the highest quality aluminum and expertly designed fixtures for your bathroom and beyond.

Shower vs. tub, or both

Consider your bathing habits and personal preferences. Think about the functionality of each option.

Showers are generally more convenient for quick daily use, while bathtubs offer relaxation and soaking benefits.

Fixtures – finishes

Consider the overall design style you want to achieve in your bathroom. Determine whether you prefer a contemporary, traditional, transitional, or another design style.

Choose fixture finishes that complement your desired design aesthetic. Check out these modern and sleek inspirations from Zobal.

Also, consider factors such as durability, maintenance requirements, water efficiency, and style.


Proper lighting is essential in a bathroom remodel to enhance functionality, create the right ambiance, and highlight design features.

Evaluate the availability and quality of natural light in your bathroom and determine if any modifications, such as adding or resizing windows, are necessary to optimize natural lighting.


Windows and skylights can bring natural light, ventilation, and visual appeal to your bathroom remodel.

Choose windows and skylights with energy-efficient features. Look for double or triple glazing, low-emissivity coatings, or insulated frames to reduce heat loss or gain.


Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom remodel is crucial for aesthetics and functionality.

Consider the moisture levels in your bathroom and choose flooring materials resistant to water and humidity.

Avoid materials like hardwood that can warp or swell in a damp environment and opt for moisture-resistant options instead.

where to find a bathroom remodel checklist

5 reasons to hire a bathroom designer

Are you looking for reasons why hiring a bathroom designer is beneficial for your remodel?

  • Expertise and experience
  • Customized design
  • Space planning and optimization
  • Access to resources and suppliers
  • Project management and coordination

Uniq Concepts for all of your remodeling needs

Uniq Concepts is the reliable partner you can trust for bathroom remodels and renovations, no matter the scale of your project.

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