• Why are people adding home bars?
  • Considerations for home bars
  • Storage options for home bars
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Planning a well-designed and functional home bar can be the perfect DIY project. Adding a bar can be a great addition to your home if you are a homeowner that entertains often.

In the future, if you decide to sell your home, a home bar can make your house stand out amongst the competition to modern homebuyers.

Whether you enjoy alcohol, are a coffee lover, or are known to throw fantastic kid parties, you can use a bar for any purpose.

When creating a practical and useful bar, you will need to consider where it will be located, what will be stored there, and the cabinetry and hardware that will be used.

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Why are people adding home bars?

Many people are building home bars because they feel more comfortable and safer drinking at their home, where they can control the amount of alcohol consumed and don’t have to worry about finding a way home at the end of the night

Home bars are increasing in popularity as more people are throwing parties and entertaining at their homes, rather than going out.

This theme seemed to pick up after the COVID-19 pandemic restricted outings.

Adding a home bar allows you to throw amazing parties for yourself or your children and gives you a relaxing place to gather as a family or with friends.

Whatever your lifestyle and hobbies may be, a home bar can add to it.

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Considerations for home bars

There are various options to consider when building a home bar, so you’ll have to make some important decisions upfront.

Before making plans or purchasing materials, you need to decide on the location. Will your bar be off the kitchen, in the living room, basement, or outdoors?

If most of your parties or brunches are outdoors, it is unlikely that you would want your bar in the basement.

You may then consider what you will use your bar for. Will it strictly be for liquors, wines, or beers, or would you like to use it as a self-serve station for coffee and kid-friendly beverages? Perhaps, both.

Once you know your location and what you will use your bar for, you may want to create a fun theme.

From there, we can help you design a modern, elegant, classic, or outside bar and help make your vision come to life.

Storage options for home bars

To get the most out of your bar, it needs to be effective and functional. You will need storage space for drinks, a counter for preparing drinks, and a place for tools.

If you are a wine fanatic, you may need a wine cooler and storage for your wine glasses. If you prefer beer, you may opt for a built-in kegerator with a dual countertop tap.

If your bar stores alcoholic beverages, you must consider a locking cabinet and bottle locks for safety.

Choosing custom cabinets to store your glassware can help them avoid dust and remain clean, making closing cabinets a must.

A dedicated ice maker would be a great addition to your home bar as it will help you save your fridge space.

While tools may be the last thing on your mind, you will want an adequate amount of storage space for a bottle opener, wine corkscrew, ice bucket with tongs, shaker, jiggers, stirring spoon, small cutting board and knife, and small appliances such as a blender.

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Our design experts are here to work with you

Planning a modern home bar can be exciting, as it gives you something to look forward to—the parties in your future, the family gatherings, and the many memories to come.

The professional at Uniq Concepts can help you renovate an old bar or build a new one from the ground up.

Our wide selection of custom bar cabinetry allows us to help you design the home bar you have always dreamed of.

Visit our showroom in Fairfield, NJ, or contact us to speak with one of our professionals.